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/b/tard goes on a date.

/b/tard goes on a date. Why do I always messeverything up /b/ res?sbe mesets me up15 KB JPG with a blind dateup on time dressed wellsshe is way too hot for mesuecide I need to be funny to keep herinterestedKnight goes on and we' re just talkingball is goodsshe says she takes care of her sisters kidwhile she is in jailbasks me if I like kids3: -now' s my chance, don' t want to be boringmay "I love kids!

President Trump, veto S.J.Res.34!

President Trump, veto S.J.Res.34! Click to block a category: mudkipfucker prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Together, we can petition President Trump to veto S.Contact President Trump via the following methods (Use all of them):a.

United Airlines situation so burgers can understand more easily

United Airlines situation so burgers can understand more easily ego to restauranthamburgerasit down to eatrestaurant staff annoing: es that some of their employees are now hungry and need to eatyhave a corn outer decide who has to give up their ham burgersmom outer pic ks youyyour hamburger was for sick hospital patientswont want to give up the ham burger you paid forstaff start beating you uptthey eat your ham burger

Finally some sanity in my feed

Finally some sanity in my feed aam SICK of white people opening "Mexican" restaurants!Have youeven heard of cultural appropriation!

Anon is a sysadmin

Anon is a sysadmin lernen} inteus '.traf EH %all the © m, ta nan' resiil in I nit irlalo all as mi girls Mar MBI teat Lilllie related (A few months laterE MM the ' M A I in es Tmr, is an his illain It'lllads muse Ikill tal:: -sBittei!