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Anon gets his wisdom teeth pulled

Anon gets his wisdom teeth pulled null ATA: T744reminds megget wisdom teeth removedggo home high as shitwet on the computerggo to youtuberreally want to listen to Led Zeppelin (Idon' t even listen to them regularly)skeep typing in Led Zeppelin but nothingLed is Corning upgget madggo to bedasleep for like 12 hours.awake upggo to delete my browsing history like Iusually doloop zoop" searched on youtubetimesat thought I was typing in "Led Zeppelin"

JonTron Removed From Yooka Laylee

JonTron Removed From Yooka Laylee g Jun Jarang @Jontronshow- Mm VUnfortunate to see Platonic remove me from ‘molars Kaylee, but I understandtheir decision.I wish them the best with their hunch!

Daily News: Apr-5-2017

Daily News: Apr-5-2017 Facing her first serious Syria showdown at the Security Council, the ambassador, Nikki R.The United States, France and Britain have accused the Syrian government of responsibility and bitterly criticized Russia — Syria’s main ally in the six-year-old war — for objecting to a resolution they drafted condemning the attack.

Poland removed all pro-EU judges

Poland removed all pro-EU judges 89002( tip) t,you need to know a little of the historic background inorder to realize why and what is happening right nowcommunism fallsHeaders of Solidorange (Solidarity) meet with Tommieleaders in Magdalen's to discuss changing country intodemocratic stateathey basically made the whole new system so the ex-communists oan stealtthe worst thing is judiciary systeman works like that: have chosen theirpeople to rule the Highest Court, ((judges))amen anyone who wants to become a judge in theHighest Court, must be elected by the Highest Court, withzero control of the government or any other institutionbasically it was a country in the countrywhat' s going on right nowruling party, Pis, decided to go full modetthey are making the following changes:every judge is forcibly send on retirementunless the minister of justice says otherwiseevery judge that is was yo.must retire, unless theminister of justion says otherwisethe minister chooses new judgesin other words, we have no longer separation of powersbut it seems that they made small changes, that insteadof minister of justice choosing new judges, it is Mi of theparliamentbut this changes almost nothing, in facttide we are getting rid off fucking commies that are prom;

Madame Tussauds removes Beyoncé wax figure after backlash from Beyhive

Madame Tussauds removes Beyoncé wax figure after backlash from Beyhive You know you've done Beyoncé wrong when her whole Beyhive gets involved.A week after Madame Tussauds New York unveiled a horrible wax figure of Beyoncé on their museum floor, the sculpture has been removed due to backlash from fans.

Microsoft pull the plug on Paint

Microsoft pull the plug on Paint The list was issued as part of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which rolls out in the autumn.People have expressed disappointment at the news on social media, with many tweeting "RIP" messages.

Daily News August 23-2017

Daily News August 23-2017 Pewsey firefighters rescued the 18 piglets and two sows from a blaze after 60 tons of hay caught fire at a farm in Wiltshire in February.I promised them at the time I'd bring down some sausages for them, which they were all pleased about,"Rivers told the Telegraph.