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The Dwarves Receives Patch on Xbox One to Improve Performance

The Dwarves Receives Patch on Xbox One to Improve Performance The folks at KING Art Games have released a new patch for their recently released action-RPG, The Dwarves, on Xbox One.With the patch the developers hope to fix some performance problems that have been plaguing the Microsoft console version of the title.

Clash of the Holiday Shooter Titans

Clash of the Holiday Shooter Titans Every year, during the holiday season, it’s become almost tradition to expect a myriad of blockbuster shooter games.Christmas came early when Overwatch released in May, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

LEGO Worlds Announced for the Nintendo Switch

LEGO Worlds is currently available on Steam Early Access and will be launching on PS4 and XBox One on February 24, 2017.But that's not all as Arthur Parsons, the head of design at game developer Traveller's Tale, announced via Twitter that LEGO Worlds and the previously announced LEGO City: Undercover will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Resident Evil 7 biohazard The game is the first game in the main franchise to be played from a first-person perspective and the first game to take advantage of the PlayStation VR support in the Resident Evil franchise.On June 14, 2016 Capcom released the first playable teaser titled "Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour" was released to Playstation Plus subscribers.

Three Additional Games Join the Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup

Tomorrow Corporation has announced that World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine will be available for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, the same day that Nintendo's newest generation of consoles launches to the world.Yes, these games have been released on previous Nintendo platforms before, but there's something special in it for those that get these games on the Switch.

Evolution of Fallout Armors

Evolution of Fallout Armors The Fire Rises: WORLD WAR MEME the Third 22 hrs agoGeorge Soros - enemy of the state 18 hrs agoThe true terrorist of Quebec.13 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #15 8 hrs agoPull your head in seriously guys.

Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack Released

Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack Released I'm sure that many of you already have various texture mods tacked onto your Fallout 4 installation, but now you can "officially" spruce up your wasteland experience by downloading that Bethesda Softworks released for the post-apocalyptic RPG today.The title already tells you what it is and what it does, but I'll still quote the paragraph they left us with, just in case:

Wikileaks: CIA Espionage On The French

Wikileaks: CIA Espionage On The French Wik"RELEASE: CIA espionage orders for the lastFrench presidential electionwikileaks.#Clearance16 '%Bovary, EDITCIA espionage orders for the last French presidentialelectionAll major French pumice] parties were targeted for inistration try the rune human CH UMING")and eletronic spies in the seven months leading up to France' s 2012 presidentialelection.

Random interesting facts for y'all

Random interesting facts for y'all Not so good trash but happy trash 16 hrs agoAnon figures out he isn't smart 02/18/2017The stupid are now poor stupid 18 hrs agoHow to Fight Wild Animals 22 hrs agoShowing Their True Colors 17 hrs agoCNN: "DON'T SAY IT'S FAKE NEWS!" 14 hrs agoDriver Sacrifices His Tesla 22 hrs agoA human blockade?