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Erdogoat at it again

Erdogoat at it again President Erdogan of Turkey is holding a referendum that could increase his political power.So to ensure a yes Erdogan wants to campaign for a yes in various European countries, where many Turkish people live.

Daily News: Apr-16-2017

Daily News: Apr-16-2017 In 2014, former US president Barack Obama ordered that efforts be stepped up to counter North Korea's missile capabilities with cyber attacks and electronic warfare.The North's previous attempted missile launch, on April 5, also suffered an in-flight failure before the weapon crashed into the Sea of Japan.

Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey

Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey Controversies and electoral misconduct {edit}Allegations cf electoral misconduct, irregularities throughout the campaign and state cf NY supporters were widespread prior to, during and after the referendum.On 23 January 201?