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The Banner Saga 2 Reviews

The Banner Saga 2 Reviews Much like its predecessor, The Banner Saga 2 -- which is going to be officially released in a few hours -- has received positive scores and assessments for critics, who seem to have loved the game's art style and atmosphere and generally enjoyed the improved mechanics.The writing, though, seems to have received far more criticism, with reviewers occasionally complaining about the fact that new players aren't introduced to the world properly, or that the story suffers from being a middle chapter.

We've been told lies our whole life

We've been told lies our whole life With the amount of "stop, drop, and roll" education I received growing up, Ikinda thought catching on fire would be a more common problem as anadult.I thought I was gonna be offered a cigarette a lot more than I have been.

Overwatch Team Will Roll Back Bastion’s Unpopular Buff

Overwatch Team Will Roll Back Bastion’s Unpopular Buff Earlier this week, Overwatch’s Bastion buff went live and, as usual, the sky fell.In recon mode, Bastion can heal on the go and boasts a wider bullet spread, as well as a larger magazine size.

Kifui Wavi Wigon Oppaig

Kifui Wavi Wigon Oppaig Immigrants and refugee are taking our inch.doing business and leaving us standard.

Why are comics dying?

Why are comics dying? ii) mare andressa VWhile I' received a lot of support for IronFists, not everyone is happy.Here' s anexcerpt from an femail I received earliertoday.

they say thats racist

they say thats racist aaq' suspect is teen who received a heart transplant aftercontroversy we years ago.Details at it11 CE) PM - 31 Mar 2015 Detailsthat' s the Best pictyre yall has ttimeTypical white media trying tn make us leek pad- Fucking racists asswhite peeple misrepresents us-I' m tired m the meets ', us heir like stereotypes.

A comp received in the mail

A comp received in the mail [SPOILER] ERMA'S SECRET IDENTITY REVEAL 1 mn agoNew + Old Ace Combat 7 Screenshots 4 mns agoWHen you weren't invited at a LAN Party 6 mns agoI feel like this repost is fitting for right now 7 mns agoVaginadventures and the nutty brie cheese.11 mns agoMarowak looks so confused 12 mns agoDrake & Josh think they're dad is cheating 23 mns agoyfw this is coming down on you 29 mns agoAnon tries to cook his tendies 34 mns agouh yeah it's a pretty good show.