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/pol/ memes part 3

A to the L to the I to the G 21 hrs agoI'm getting a Bulldog now.23 hrs agoAnon gets his wisdom teeth pulled 20 hrs agoTrump unveils his new healthcare plan 22 hrs agoAdmit it, you did this too!

Anon's dad jokes

Anon's dad jokes My dad has never been funny but for Ferne reason he has about till] jokes involving the day Friday Not all feed related.We shirelytlfr I A ell i'.

She wants the Guac. She's down to Guac. She needs the Guac.

Anonymous 03/ 14/ 17( Tue)74 KB JPGI fucked up /cld,tor whatever reason I told a girl at the bar last night thati' m actually a guacamole god among mere mortals andis have her taste the best cuas known to man if shecame over later this evening.Requesting your best guacamole recipes, or theoreticalrecipes, or literally anything, E have never made thisin my life.