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pol/ realizes how tolerant feminist are

pol/ realizes how tolerant feminist are Before Trumpw, Lani Green l] ll-1 Regardless of he outcome, we are clearlya *deeply* divided and broken country.Somuch work ahead to mend, heal, andrestore the U in USA.

/pol/ Realizes Bannon has a Time Machine.

/pol/ Realizes Bannon has a Time Machine. a File: : (54 KB, 520x696)Schumer, Pelee, Macaskill all attack Sessions, Trump for meeting with Russiansi,', 1 few days later pictures of them meeting with Russian politicians surfacesFmedia blames Trump for surge in bomb threats.Trump hints at a false flag, media Acses their shitfew days later same radical black journalist arrested for false flagging the bomb threatsAnd most recently:pulls strings ta help some Indian athlete gets US Visaathlete arrested today for raping childrenSteve Bannon has a time machine.

you dun messed up

you dun messed up You can' t use a red pen on a tesol!Yes, yes, perfect, PERFECT.

Anon realizes he's gay

Anon realizes he's gay Board /b/ -Random T T Settings Homeno joke, crazy frog made me realize i was gay.irewatched all of the crazy frog videos again andagain pausing whenever there was a good shotof his floppy donger.

Anon realizes he fucked up

Anon realizes he fucked up Shmick and Smorty Shmepisode 5 Shmeason 3 3 mns agoThe ultimate Fate yandere waifu has been born 6 mns agofaster than the speed of light 15 mns agoAn idiot and some midgets.Part 1 21 mns agocop catches teens smoking pot 22 mns agoWhen admin spots 1/100000000000000 of a nip 44 mns agoAnyone else remember coolmath-games?