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Cortana Intelligence helps secure safe water in Kenya

Cortana Intelligence helps secure safe water in Kenya During Build 2016 this year, Microsoft pitched a world of connected devices and sensors all speaking through cloud-backed machine learning models to developers.Practicing what the company preaches, Microsoft’s Solution Architect and Technical Manager of Microsoft Research, Kenji Takeda talks about how Cortana Intelligence suite is being used to secure safe drinking water for thousands of villages in rural Africa and Asia.

Clustertruck review -

Clustertruck review - In the game, your job is to jump from truck to truck until you finally reach the goal.And why are you racing along the tops, sides and bottoms of these vehicles in order to reach the goal?

Blog Post #15 – March 14, 2017

Blog Post #15 – March 14, 2017 Hope you are safe and snug away from the cold and playing Pogo’s pipin’ hot game COOKIE CONNECT to stay warm!If you want to hear Cookie Connect in all its crunchy glory, be sure to play on any other browser but IE.

Daily News: Mar-22-2017

Daily News: Mar-22-2017 However, the catch is that all exploits need to be fixed within 90 days.However, a commitment to fix exploits within 90 days will be required in order to gain access.