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/pol/ is a board of piece

/pol/ is a board of piece poll is (aiit board of peefaceTie ranted‘.In may t think but It The mural his balmy Hick, ran: an nub.

Slow and steady to 2020!

Slow and steady to 2020! Board ' ' Settings HomeI care what Jeb thinks5 Anonymous (ID: J‘: PIB only In Boston o so FollowOn Tuesday night, someone ran into Jeb Bushwalking by himself in downtown Boston:png382 KB PNGSlow and steady baby.This is all part of Job' s plan.

ALS Challenge gone too far

ALS Challenge gone too far Anon goes to see Wonder Woman 1 mn agoMusical Memery Compilation 1 mn agoInsightful /v/irgin predicts the future of the Fallout series 6 mns agoAnon explains Chick-fil-A 8 mns agoStudent apologises with cake 8 mns agoSjw finds new word to use 8 mns agoA whole new level of petty 34 mns agoOfficer adopts child abuse victim he saved 37 mns ago

joke a day 58

A soldier ran up to a nun.Out of breath he asked, "Please, may I hide under your skirt.