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What Will You Do When They're Gone?

What Will You Do When They're Gone? Ill, File: smog we KB, 550x366)Hoot: at mam todaysshe' s a lot sitter than I remount) erNot like thisit Anonymous ( : 023: 20: 17 PFile: t'; EASE_ ong (rlt) KB, 589x493)kip)mmom ism going to bearound foreverFUCK YOU DPFile _ ang (378 KB, 536x469)my I will haveliterally Jose everyone in my tits at one time when she goes because nofriends and never aI don' t know how I would take itLi Anonymous 02/ 15/ 17( Wed) : 26 IEH“ -9' been starting lectures with We and your mom are notalways going to as around'that

You can never leave, anon

You can never leave, anon Ll Anonymous (( Sat) : 26 No/ 35276201 [Reply].I was so fucking close to losing my virginity and leaving this board RHEEwe memeta as fuck but average lookingmanage to get quiet girl' s phone gsshe invites me overbbuy condomlesson door and her dad answersclitoral fucking linebackerNets me in though, go to her roomHer room is all fucking painted blacksshe is sitting therehelose door and we begin furiously making outmull out my condomless and get ready to plow her like a john doesshe gets nude, and i do toospuddenly her dad barges in asking if we want something to eatwees me nakedrespect him to be madwees my dick and laughsmmom semes in too and laughsgirl asks mete leaveTil get angry and yell at her dad to take off his pantstthey laugh even harderand runfuck those cunts

the many faces of /r9k/

the many faces of /r9k/ E Anonymous 03105117( Sun) 10: 12: 22 ' 18041Anon, how come you always playas a girl character in videogames?'102 KB JPGE Anonymous 0310511 7( Sun) 19: 12: 53 'because i don' t know how to be a man5 Anonymous 031051’ ( Sun) 10: 13: 39Cause it' s the only way I can make a girl do what Iwant her to do.

/r9k/ goes to the library

/r9k/ goes to the library File: awn (206 RE, 1080x1080)IL, Anonymous 03/ 12/ 17( Sun) tty.No.

/r9k/ pretends to be a southerner

/r9k/ pretends to be a southerner I Following people home Anonymous ( Wed) 18: 44: 55 No, 35550964 [Reply].Who /following people heme!

I'm so fucking mad

I'm so fucking mad ipg as KB, masons}Joy LANE?36341353 F :=-: -363112555 '1331 {[3131Man that video was sad as fuck, Made mo wanna get a carry permit,The interview of the old dudes family was twen worse.

/r9k/ normie is stalked by a female

/r9k/ normie is stalked by a female Ci Anonymous (( Mort) : 16 No.36503892.

Discord makes /r9k/ anon gay

Discord makes /r9k/ anon gay MI File: (34 KB, 197x260)I Discord made me gay Anonymous 06/ ( Fri) 07: 37: 48 hla.38049099 [Reply]we lonely shut instraight never had attraction to guyscierto friendsedov.

A Metalhead sends Satan to /R9K/

A Metalhead sends Satan to /R9K/ i Anonymous 07/ 17/ 17( ddon) 09: 57: 59school instead mas1.53 MB JPGi Anonymous 07/ 17/ 17( leon) 22: 20: 38 No.