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Hiding his power level

Hiding his power level t' rter,?i- tet flu think VI ‘Ill?

What rapes and murders?

What rapes and murders? THE, ) silyl' Thoril PC) S' TINFIRM I INSPIRE.Even more surprising (er norm is Sweden' ssudden baby beam.

R W B Y Chinese Dresses

R W B Y Chinese Dresses Liberals versus math, who will win?22 hrs agoLateral trash from the land of Azeban 13 hrs agoThe cutest mascot that ever existed 21 hrs agoWas being hit part of your plan?

>inb4 people saying traps aren't gay

>inb4 people saying traps aren't gay a_ heterosexuals (iii'))!Because I' m notmasturbating to the cockI' m looking at the ilikegirl' sfemininity.


SPELL THAT SHIT OUT! a r/ The_ | [TIE TWITTER @iii') In light of the recent events at UT Dallas gm.