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Oh, you fucking degenerates.

Oh, you fucking degenerates. African Super Problem S (long post) 9 hrs agoAnon wants to catfish his friend 22 hrs agoni/ck/er makes a chickermelon 23 hrs agoHot people with that one thing.13 hrs agoAlolan Exeggutor figure takes up two packages 11 hrs agowhy japan has the least obese people 22 hrs ago

True Cursed Images, Ill be your guide

True Cursed Images, Ill be your guide 2000's Polly Pocket vs 2010's Polly Pocket 4 mns agotranquil pixelart gif comp 5 mns agoThe German People are the core of the American People 12 mns agoI'll just leave this here 13 mns ago/tv/ on the Drake and Josh reunion 17 mns agoA friendly discord discussion about how gay someone is 19 mns agoWhat if everybody got laid 26 mns agoWhat do you get when you.31 mns ago

joke a day 58

A soldier ran up to a nun.Out of breath he asked, "Please, may I hide under your skirt.

Some Stuff I Saved

Some Stuff I Saved Do you think she'll say yes?9 mns agoThat warm feeling when you finish a kit 47 mns agodis one goez out to da gits who neva 'ad enuff dakka 56 mns agoNeed Help finding a particular manga.

CIA fuckery in 'Nam

CIA fuckery in 'Nam Operation Wandering Soul"The Wandering Soul"Listen to the eerie sounds of "The Wandering Soul" - also known as "Ghost Tape Number 10" - that was broadcast by loudspeakers installed on Swifts and other units during "Chieu Hoi" and Psychological Warfare missions to "taunt" the enemy.The tape directs its audio message at these values:{Funeral Music and the Wailing Sounds of a Moaning Ghost}{The Daughter "Hai" Crys Out for Her Father}Daddy, daddy, come home with me, come home.