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Celebrate with – Happy National Teacher Day! – May 3, 2015 – 2

Today’s all about honoring teachers, those amazing people who dedicate their lives to making the world a more enlightened place.Today we celebrate teachers with games designed to tickle your brain.

Consortium: The Tower and BioWare AMA with Greg Zeschuk

Consortium: The Tower and BioWare AMA with Greg Zeschuk With only a couple of days left to go in the Fig crowd-funding campaign for Consortium: The Tower, the team at Interdimensional Games along with one of their primary investors - BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk - has taken to Reddit to answer any and all questions we have about the RPG along with a variety of unrelated BioWare questions.A couple of examples in no particular order:

The Elder Scrolls/Fallout Franchises Interview

The Elder Scrolls/Fallout Franchises Interview Ever since Bethesda acquired id Software, QuakeCon has become a general showcase of their current portfolio of titles.As such, it shouldn't really surprise anyone to see interviews like this MMORPG.

GB Feature: Tyranny Interview

GB Feature: Tyranny Interview We've been following Obsidian Entertainment's Tyranny closely following its announcement earlier this year, and while a number of outstanding questions about the RPG have been answered in articles and developer diaries since then, there were a variety of answers we were still in search of.As a result, WUE and I fired off a set of questions to lead designer Brian Heins, and the result is a full four-page interview for you to read through over the weekend.

Blog post #6 – January 10, 2017

Blog post #6 – January 10, 2017 I shared one of the Badges out of the Premium Badge Album 113; this is our 113th story-driven PBA.The enchanted Fairy Tale Garden brings 60 new levels, new Badges to win and new decorations to unlock.

Diablo III Q&A Follow-Up

Diablo III Q&A Follow-Up In December 2016, Blizzard Entertainment held a Diablo III-themed Q&A session on Facebook.Afterwards, they got a number of follow-up questions, most prominent of which have now received answers.

BattleTech Livestream Q&A

BattleTech Livestream Q&A As was promised in the recent update, the developers from Harebrained Schemes participated in a livestreamed Q&A session.Jordan Weisman, the original creator of BattleTech, makes a surprise appearance to promote some merchandise.

this just raises more Questions

this just raises more Questions 2259 PMJews fear larpers63 KB JPGgermany/A druid has been arrestedin Germany and accused of being a "rightykingterrorist" -even though the police and prosecutorsopenly admit that they have M evidencewhatsoever of "concrete or imminent attack plans."arrested.