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I Like This Lady

I Like This Lady EmaleeIt' s because YEARS ago he said "grab her bythe pussy" this whole protest proves men areright when it comes to the fact that womencan' t let go of shit that happened in the past.Ican honestly say as a female I can' t be madabout that because I have said just about thesame thing about a man while talking withgirlfriends.

Anon's success is called into question

Anon's success is called into question i Anonymous (ID: () PIyears oldornage , 600, / year as chefat Wendyseveryone else rny age and mostpol/ users are making ,have roommates, are single withdepressionwho else /greatsuccess/ here?02/ 06/ 17( h/ lon) 19: 32: 26 No.