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It's a fair question

It's a fair question Question for feminists:Should women be required to fill outa draft card like men upon turning ltr?Then get up and off of tumberand rally up the ferdinands todemand a required draft card like menor you are not being true to your cause.

/fit/ asks a question

/fit/ asks a question The Princess and the Frog 22 hrs agoEmoji Movie wall of text rundown 22 hrs agoAnon takes a personality test 16 hrs agoJhonny Sins is to talented 20 hrs ago"Fitness and diet culture are pushed by the patriarchy." 23 hrs agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #54 23 hrs ago

/co/mrade asks a question

/co/mrade asks a question Kemono friends tibethan fox 35 snds agoStolen Directly From Tumblr 8 mns agoTrump condemns charlottesville 13 mns agoWell would you look at that 14 mns agoTurns out that it actually was good news 42 mns agoPlanetside 2 is a good game 48 mns agoWho are the real xenophobes 48 mns agoRemember: It's for the paycheck.52 mns ago10/10 Rein, Would queue with 54 mns ago

Umineko When They Cry: Question Arcs

Umineko When They Cry: Question Arcs Umineko When They Cry: Question Arcs is the official English release of Umineko no Naku Koro ni developed by 07th Expansion and published by MangaGamer.As the title implies, the game contains the entire Question Arc from Umineko, spanning episodes 1-4, and includes the option to pick between using the title's original character artwork or the updated portraits from the Umineko pachinko game.

Falling asleep military style

Falling asleep military style corranew can you train yourself to sleep quickly like theydo In the military?

sperit can't handle criticism, deletes his posts

What is with this guy?You can't even question his accusations without him deleting everything.