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I was putting together a turkey sandwich

I was putting together a turkey sandwich Daily News August 22-2017 2 mns agono, wait I'm already here 4 mns agoAnon is an intelligent and snazzy young man 10 mns agoJapanese Imperial Army Victory March 15 mns agoYou guys watched the new Ducktales already?17 mns agoHello Steelhead my old friend.

y'all need jesus

y'all need jesus Ne been putting off telling my mom about my ear piercings; she' s really religious and theold testament forbids piercings and tattoos.i' m farming talking points For the argument thatwill inevitable ensue when i get home; however any advice or suggestions are welcome.

Brazilian on monkey soup

Brazilian on monkey soup Yeaaaa sounds just about right 7 mns agoDont Disturb Sleepy Pengu 25 mns ago2 JoJo memes for your JoJo needs 34 mns agoA weapon to surpass metal gear 38 mns agoMASS EFFECT 2 IS A GOOD GAME COMRADES 40 mns agoBuilding Business Credit Funding 42 mns agoCities sued for Stand Down orders 1 hr agoZenyatta, That Wacky Omnic 1 hr agoNot sure if this is an upgrade 1 hr ago

putting it out there

putting it out there PART AND PARCEL - London Tube Bombing, 22 burnt 28 mns agoHow can FJ users lose their Virginity?29 mns agoThis Probably Won't End Well 31 mns agoCherokee Myth 3: Kana'ti and Selu 34 mns agoTerror attack in Parsons Green 50 mns agoI don't remember this episode 1 hr agoKasapia Hunalacrot Pansecha 1 hr agoVirnanci Gavacesl Paknyedal 1 hr agoArgentina's flooding crisis affects ranching community 1 hr agoInterview: Undertaker vs.