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/fit/izens guide to manlets

/fit/izens guide to manlets probably unable to live a normal lifehave to make adjustments, go for short girls and haveother shit going for you to succeedwill still get rejected by girls who care about height a lot,otherwise life will probably be completely normal unlessyou have autism.the most insecure group on this list

wholesome south african meme comp

wholesome south african meme comp They've Become Self Aware 1 mn agoSome guy got the Nintendo Switch early 2 mns agoAnon gets back into Skyrim 3 mns agobacon chocolate shotglasses 10 mns ago[Archive] 4chan Winter Cup 2017 Opening 12 mns ago5 To 4 To The 3 To The 5.13 mns agoTwo types of shots in Texas 17 mns ago

I'm a simple person.. probably stupid..

I'm a simple person.. probably stupid.. Pulitzer-worthy investigation here 22 hrs agoNow THIS is what I call Social Justice 19 hrs ago3D printing can solve every problem 18 hrs agoAnon Gets caught for gore 22 hrs agoA list of videos and Sites to help 23 hrs agoWitches want to hex Trump 15 hrs agoBob Helped Japanese-Americans 23 hrs agoI actually forgot what a machete looks l 23 hrs ago