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/pol/ predicts race war

/pol/ predicts race war enrichment" it' s a good idea to getout by the end of this week76 KB JPG Trump' s latest is going to causemass category 6 checkoutsJust thought I' d let you know, my dad is a middlemanager with the department of state they' realready drawing up disaster and contingency plansstay safe white anonsE Anonymous (ID: () E07: 36hearing a lot of chatter over the radio that confirmsmy suspicions, God speed.Cleanse the blacks.

Anon predicts GTA VI

Anon predicts GTA VI REASON WHY SHADMAN GOT IN TROUBLE 16 hrs agoHey guys look, I made a dead meme 22 hrs agoNow you can master the elements in VR 23 hrs agoProperly the most dangerous job in Russia 18 hrs agoThe California Representatives that sold out your privacy to ISPs 23 hrs agoHow Oldfags Watched Anime 19 hrs agoTrash fuels the raccoon invasion 6 hrs agoFree kekistan - #kekfugees welcome 23 hrs agoJust feminists being hypocrites 13 hrs agoeffay anon fixes his orientation 17 hrs agoIf Satan where a web developer 15 hrs ago

Insightful /v/irgin predicts the future of the Fallout series

Insightful /v/irgin predicts the future of the Fallout series 5 Anonymous 07/ ) 04: 1 g: 58You are limited to one type ofpistol, bat, machineporn, minigun,and of course, a rocket launcher.Of course you' llget the Fat Man, after you earn the rocket launcherexperience by beating most of the inthe game.

Anon predicts the Apple Event

Anon predicts the Apple Event Copypastas Translated And Back 6 mns agocute little sister purging filth.6 mns agoIs this meme to hard to get?