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Kickass Fact Comp #91

Kickass Fact Comp #91 I'm going to run out of 'kickass' facts in about a month, so I'm going to start posting the not so kickass facts the site has to offer.These just include any facts that involve death, depressed subjects, etc.

Tummy Thrusday Mini Comp

Tummy Thrusday Mini Comp Petition for new aquaman media 20 mns agoI guess he still loves her?26 mns agoFunny Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far 32 mns agoTHUMB THIS UP OR I SWEAR ILL DO IT 38 mns agoUltra Beast reference sheets 42 mns agoThe Roach Farmer of /fit/ 1 hr agoFriends Are Scared of Fire 1 hr agosick sniping skills matey 1 hr agoLooking out for one another 1 hr agoA great bonding experience 1 hr agoGremblo Twitter Escapades 1 hr ago

Anon goes to Ibiza

Anon goes to Ibiza Anonymous 07/ 16/ 17( Sun) 23: 54: 55 No.38416634I am posting this at 22: 45 from a hotelroom in Ibiza, Spain.

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories You know, if I can't feel happy or content with posting this kind content anymore, then the least I can do is to do it for other people on here.You guys are awesome, even if you can't bring yourself to admit like how I'm struggling to do that right now.

Ladies, here's some advice.

Ladies, here's some advice. He is not going to be wastingtime on ', posting relationshipquotes.Put downyour ' lall phone.