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Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories You know, if I can't feel happy or content with posting this kind content anymore, then the least I can do is to do it for other people on here.You guys are awesome, even if you can't bring yourself to admit like how I'm struggling to do that right now.

Ladies, here's some advice.

Ladies, here's some advice. He is not going to be wastingtime on ', posting relationshipquotes.Put downyour ' lall phone.

Was this photo of refugees staged by the media?

Was this photo of refugees staged by the media? hen steer staged "drawning migrants" [mete we is ruined by 'ital.menstanding up -‘awkwardgr alleWAKE UP before it is too late: It shows the water level is shallow, the manis standing up; the rest pretend drowning, FAKE migrants.

IDWTBAMP 1.1 - 2.3

IDWTBAMP 1.1 - 2.3 Alternative Todoroki character design 3 mns agoNew Sonic Boom episode funny clips 17 mns agoAnon’s grandparents visit 22 mns agoRobot tries to kill himself 35 mns agoMudkip's Stolen memes #92 40 mns ago[DN 11 Sept] Clever title to attract people 42 mns agodeath note was okay at best.45 mns agostephen king's outdone himself 48 mns ago

Hillary 5 years from now

Hillary 5 years from now Star Wars south london style 14 snds agomuwa ha a ha ha ha ha hah ha ha 34 snds agoGrand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around) 8 mns agoEsau has many angles to implement the rfid chip 23 mns agoMalaysia At least 25 killed as fire rips through school in Kuala 28 mns agoPro-Brexit Twitter account is Russian Bot?30 mns agoI Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer 41 mns agoMyspoplup Pairdofr Ilintythep 1 hr agoI'm Feeling a Little Husky 1 hr agoStatus: Wrecked [ ] Not wrecked [ ].