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Anon explains Quantum Gayness

Anon explains Quantum Gayness i Anonymous 09111/ 15( Fri) : 56: 15We some trap an anon posted a fewdays ago.I didn' t save the pics withSQ I her dick in them because I' m not gay244 KB JPGhas long as you cam see the dick it' s not gaySchrodinger' s faggot

CNN's Jewish Tricks

CNN's Jewish Tricks arw-lot; d the autistic shit we usually do and have some queer organize it on Youtube fer the monies.Holy fuck CNN, still trying t s shit?

Daily News: July-5-2017

Daily News: July-5-2017 On Tuesday, the Reddit user posted an apology (since deleted, but reprinted via Buzzfeed News).The Reddit user reportedly “asked to not be named out of fear for his personal safety and for the public embarrassment it would bring to him and his family,” Kaczynski said.