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FJ people are amazing

FJ people are amazing The response I got was more than anything I could ever imagine, people on here might be seen as cold at first glance but when someone is in need you all came through.As a grieving father I only wished to show off my baby girl and how amazing she was.

Overwatch Might Add a Map Editor

Overwatch Might Add a Map Editor It’s been almost a year since Overwatch hit the scene, and over the course of that time, Blizzard has kept the game fresh with new maps, new modes, and new characters.He went on to confirm that Blizzard is interested in the potential of user-generated content.

More than 20 students suspended after liking a threatening photo on Instagram

More than 20 students suspended after liking a threatening photo on Instagram North Carolina high school students recently posted an Instagram photo with a caption threatening a shooting at their school and both the students behind the post and the users who hit that heart button are facing punishment, NBC Charlotte reports.The post resulted in more than 20 students suspended from Bradford Preparatory School in Charlotte last week.

Anon plays Mario Kart

Anon plays Mario Kart invites a girl and furfriendover, we all post up in the living room toplay Mario Kartgirls spend minutes eachmaking Wis, even though it' s not evengirls actually PLAY as their Wismask one who she usually mains and shedeosn' t know what I meanwhey: dent know how to drifttthey dent hold items behind themselveswet mad when I snipe shet them withgreen shells hem behindaafter I fucking destroy them in a 4 tracks; eries, ene ofthem says under their breathto the other "Does he know he' s supposedto let as win?" [I almost didn' t hear thembecause I was doing my Luigi Voice [I mainLuigi])I women, Ijust hate them.