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Autism or moment of being alpha?

Autism or moment of being alpha? WP} itOh shit, an many bad stems.tthere was this popular girl that used talkday we sat en opposite sides of the table in classHey anew Heat get a new lingerie"Eikay.

Infinite Keks from the Saudis

shaddz prev nextrandom PrevTopNextComment Saudi singer arrested for dabbing A popular singer has been arrested for "dabbing" during a concert in south-west Saudi Arabia.Abdallah Al Shahani, a TV host, actor, and Saudi national, was performing the dance move, which involves a person tucking their head into the crook of their arm, at a music festival in the city of Taif at the weekend.

I've merged Pokemon and Metroid #2

Since my previous post was quite popular here, here is an update on my free time project 'Monster Sanctuary'As someone here suggested i refactored the start combat screen to look more flashy, use the whole screen and display more info.You can either start the combat right away with your default monster selection or select specific monsters to counter your enemies.