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Herr Springare brings the truth

Herr Springare brings the truth ONE thing that would disqualify a girl from becoming a GF 21 hrs agoFJEvent planning: Wholesome Twitch raid 23 hrs agoBlack Twitter Compilation #89 15 hrs agoNintendo knows exactly what they're doing~ 19 hrs agoWe must fight a common enemy 18 hrs agoHow To Deal With Your Enemies 23 hrs agoDrift so powerful it left the webm silent 18 hrs ago

Milo writes about #BasedStickman

Milo writes about #BasedStickman I FawnOFT_ Sco( II was told about ' as a child.Ag I grew aide!

Erdogoat at it again

Erdogoat at it again President Erdogan of Turkey is holding a referendum that could increase his political power.So to ensure a yes Erdogan wants to campaign for a yes in various European countries, where many Turkish people live.

Politics in a nutshell.

Politics in a nutshell. Lontud Pecur Poom Samsayst 22 hrs agois your white baby racist?22 hrs agoImmigration is a privilege, not a right.

Tron John Has Been Removed

Tron John Has Been Removed My first upload!Thought this would be interesting.