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/pol/ on Swedish politics

/pol/ on Swedish politics This will never be breaking news 19 hrs agoHow does Merkel sleep at night?20 hrs agoBulgarians removing illegal kebabs 12 hrs agoLeaf defend America against a "world power" 14 hrs agoShell puppy and his new toy 17 hrs agoWould you go out with me?

/pol/ memes part 4

Dear Lord, he's one of us now!21 hrs agothese two redeveloped my faith in offline gaming 17 hrs agoI want to buy a Switch for BotW, but.

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag.

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag. Hoot!somehow finds out where the flag is using a newly developed form of weaponisedautismslt' s in a guarded bunkers/ pol/ realises they won' t be able to do this aloneHoot!

/pol/ memes part 5

Your browser does not support the video tag.And doesn't this look familiar Original white and blue letters Original white with gold letters Original red with white letters Based camo with orange letters Based green with gold letters and four leaf clover Shitty black with white letters Shitty white with black letters Mention History

/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard

/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard Who looks at the titles anyway 14 hrs agoRonnie Goes On A "Magical" Train Ride With Morgan Freeman?22 hrs agoThat awkward moment when!

The most saddest words: /pol/ was right again

The most saddest words: /pol/ was right again 198% (, 220x326)33 Cl Anonymous) hour ago [ ]Ne suddenly had quite a sad realization, /pol/.ychan, and this board in general, has always tried to be controversial, to opposesocial norms, to push the limits, to be edgy.

/pol/ on Trump and Trucks.

/pol/ on Trump and Trucks. AnonymousTrucksbbe most powerful andimportant man in the worldaalso on a personal level youare rich as fuck long beforeyou became most powerfulman in the worldaone day someone pulls asemi into your front lawnBWOAH SICK CHECK OUTTHIS SEMIYHEY GET A PIC OF MEWHILE I PRETEND TO BEHAULING ASSBEEPI think there' s a lesson aboutenjoying life' s simple thingshere.I hope I can be thishappy an easy to amuse inthe future.

/pol/ on sad trannies

/pol/ on sad trannies dew m: Ext mmg (345 KB, 770x415)2:; - 33082 34772Transgender 'Girl' Saddened and She: ked That Straight Boys Aren' t interested in Herwe make it illegal to not go en at least a first date when transgender is confirmed?Can we call itthe Give A Girl A Try Act?

/pol/ Focused on the REAL Problems

/pol/ Focused on the REAL Problems Eleanor Robertsonthought I' d check in on {poll after milo' sdisgrace and I see they are, as always, focusedon the issues that matterT.Anonymous (ID: may 1%37: ddit Na, 113758807.