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Paizo Announces Starfinder RPG

While we're talking about a tabletop RPG at this point and its release isn't scheduled until August of next year, it's certainly worth mentioning that Paizo is hard at work on building Starfinder, a sci-fi version of Pathfinder that's set thousands of years in the future.And given their partnership with Obsidian Entertainment that includes a CRPG at some point, perhaps this will become more relevant in the not-too-distant future:

Illegal Alien has a breakdown

123 comments share save hide give gold reportt H: 21 points 1 day agoSo if you' re undocumented do you pay taxes?icke-imk embed save report cloist' gold replypoints 11 hours agob Why should we pay taxes exactly?

Demon Mother-in-Law

Demon Mother-in-Law By:6 mns ago islam comp: they are predators edition.By:16 mns ago Finland and Iceland at it againBy:16 mns ago Brief History of Kantai Collection Pt.