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Anon plays Truth or Dare

Anon plays Truth or Dare I Anonymous fulfil' ( Sun) F :: :, -21321554 2:; -21321559 :] 11rile meIto.6110out for Valentines Day with bestie of 3 yearsAt' s tec baically a dateThinner and so Shades of Shitice C ream afterwardsFailte her a glass flower I bought earlier in the monthloaves it and we go for a walkPPU LL OUT ESL] M: TRUTH OR DARE, packwrapper says to take a serie with eyes C loseddoesbl read mineIt says to ask the most beautiful person in the room fora kissowe laugh it off but l remember the glass flower base has a mirror on the bottom sideWhere' s the most beautiful girl at tha?

Anon plays with Brasilians

Anon plays with Brasilians File: IMG Stirbt» 6.gng (637 KB, 640x1136)competitive match in csgo, iisparred with a bunch of brasilians, who seem to know each otherwwe are just on T site as CT, just fucking around while it' s warm upbather are speaking in Br so can' t understand shitwhey don' t seem to get that much english nor spanish at allwwhile this goes on, I get a headshot killMae of my team says via voice commands "Nice!

Robot plays a game

Robot plays a game Anonymous 35699023tthought of a fun game I can playmmake a fake Chad tinder and see how manymatches I can getmmake the account get a picture of a Chad ongoogle imagescall him Chadremake the most normie bio I can think of and fillit with emailsright on silvery girlsmede the account an Monday already have 60matchesactually message me firsteat first I fuck with them but they still keepmessaging me Iceking for Chad cockretarting to get attached to these girlsptfo they oculd never date me as myselfraw the only time an not scared ta talk to girls iswhen I' m testing as ChadThoth's game isn' t fun anymore robots