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Anon plays Mario Kart

Anon plays Mario Kart invites a girl and furfriendover, we all post up in the living room toplay Mario Kartgirls spend minutes eachmaking Wis, even though it' s not evengirls actually PLAY as their Wismask one who she usually mains and shedeosn' t know what I meanwhey: dent know how to drifttthey dent hold items behind themselveswet mad when I snipe shet them withgreen shells hem behindaafter I fucking destroy them in a 4 tracks; eries, ene ofthem says under their breathto the other "Does he know he' s supposedto let as win?" [I almost didn' t hear thembecause I was doing my Luigi Voice [I mainLuigi])I women, Ijust hate them.

/v/tard's sister plays Skyrim

/v/tard's sister plays Skyrim rings and necklaceswho hasn' t even started the main questewe only thing of note is that her character is a vampireoagc her wt!name a city inmoon, that' s not a city.

Idiots fall for this shit

Idiots fall for this shit Amelia M?Becauseshe was black they would not publishher work.

Anon is watching Drake & Josh

Anon is watching Drake & Josh an same gay 'tait he plays insteadLearne en.this shew is fer fags"at stilt want to watch thisturns an my Essexin gay game5.

/v/ plays as Vin diesel

/v/ plays as Vin diesel 1: 3 333553521 (OFOtlg "' Here' s a fun storywe playing gmod with about 14 other /v/ irgins.griffinin this pony T sewerenabled (PACO is just a decoration tool for players)mmy default PAC outfit for new has sonra'_.

Anon plays a game

Anon plays a game r' troll AREMaleAgeStraightGrew up eerywhere in themiddle class playing tons ofvideo gamesintellegencebut an underachieverRacist to some degree117660493" 1904.pngSE: KB PNGUPI ifWrong faggot, i' m not mildly racist i' m just racist.

When Serbia plays God

You whythankyou justRomanian who is annex by me, but actuallyyou are mrsuper special own ethnicity,which is glorious MOLDOVAN!You whythankyou bePersian and not belong here, but actuallyyou are of unique own ethnicity, which isintegral to Russia and is MAJIK!