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No Truce With The Furies Introduces Metric Role Playing System

No Truce With The Furies Introduces Metric Role Playing System Learning the intricacies of various role playing systems is my favorite part of any RPG.Now, in their developer blog, the folks behind No Truce With The Furies have unveiled a system of their own.

Anon sacrifices for his country

Anon sacrifices for his country Cl Anonymous (Witsel T( Sun).bbe me 25 nerdpplay didya in my parents basement all the timedmeet grill online playing wowrafter a few months we exchange picscatfish her cause ugly as a mutt bred with a donkeyto fly out to her placewon' t know what‘ ll happen, butt fuck itin TSA line cause I' m not comfortable around peoplesstupid scanner beeps when I go throughITSA lady tells me to step over to the side to be scannedsshe starts patting me downsshe comes up behind me and whispers some shit I don' t remember in my earsshe starts fingering my butthole with one hand while she pats me downcomes over and sees my obvious discomfortHells TSA lady I look "suspect" and to do a full searchITSA lady takes me to side room and locks the doorAnon we need to do a randomly selected search for the safety of the American people"ait' s my civic duty to complysshe Hayes the roomHm such a patriotic citizensshe comes back three minutes later with lube, a strap on, and duct tapeHell her about how my father served in the Navy and how I' m honored to be able to serve my country like thissshe thoroughly searches my cavities to make sure I wasn' t hiding anythingcould have been a tenon's after allkirill I met online was just my chad cousin trolling meHow have you served your country?

Playing 4D chess against oneself.

Playing 4D chess against oneself. I Anonymous) hme, wealthiest man in the world (Believe me)DemocratPeeople keepAppend most ofthe eighties shitting en Regan (A leverl}is president er something afterwardhas seme decent ideas but he' s just another corporate steelethat motherfucker but hang out with him because why notflush semes in and blows it (Another leser!}Ombama blows it.

And we're only getting started

And we're only getting started Sam W.HydeWhen a generation of boys whospent the free moments of their childhood playingstrategy/ sim games came of age and started to getpolitical, they realized they' d been training for thistheir whole lives.

Playing Wii with your GF

Playing Wii with your GF I wouldn't believe him either.20 hrs agoI'm Officially Out of Ideas 22 hrs agoAmoppumurd Basi Wenosoviv 23 hrs agoThumb If You a Believer In This Religion 19 hrs agoReal Reason Flynn got fired 23 hrs agoAll this lewd has got to stop!