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It's the Seventh Community Endurance Run This Weekend!

It's the Seventh  Community Endurance Run This Weekend! " We'll be throwing streams into our chatroom, and there'll be plenty more over on explosiveruns.I'm sure there'll be some nightowls or European early risers to help out, so tune into chat around then and we'll try to raise some money!

This counted as entertainment?

This counted as entertainment? Rodsempo Ysiattalo Remratad 12 mns ago"Ouit lookin at muh ass!Pervs.

/v/ plays as Vin diesel

/v/ plays as Vin diesel 1: 3 333553521 (OFOtlg "' Here' s a fun storywe playing gmod with about 14 other /v/ irgins.griffinin this pony T sewerenabled (PACO is just a decoration tool for players)mmy default PAC outfit for new has sonra'_.

The Great Doggo Dumpening

The Great Doggo Dumpening Ilavney Ommudeivi Adryigrok 7 mns agoBlatant Movie Misquotes 2/?10 mns agoThis makes me uncomfortable 12 mns agoThe Bridge on the River Trash 32 mns agoKemono friends comp(ilation) 38 mns agoto make up for the last one 41 mns agoAnd he's off, like a herd of turtles 42 mns ago

Trump got Stumped after he Humped.

Trump got Stumped after he Humped. I taft play Call of Duty anymore and this iswhy.I was playing Modern Warfare 2, I' m onlytwo kills from getting the nuke, and this punkmob tubes me.