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/pol/ on ancient Greece's anti-woman play

/pol/ on ancient Greece's anti-woman play Shots fired.And not at her face this time.

The Community Spotlight - 03/11/2017

The Community Spotlight - 03/11/2017 Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, ZombiePie, am honored to be your host this week.This is the week of PAX East, and as you can expect there is going to be a bunch of Giant Bomb related tomfoolery to be had.

Robot plays a game

Robot plays a game Anonymous 35699023tthought of a fun game I can playmmake a fake Chad tinder and see how manymatches I can getmmake the account get a picture of a Chad ongoogle imagescall him Chadremake the most normie bio I can think of and fillit with emailsright on silvery girlsmede the account an Monday already have 60matchesactually message me firsteat first I fuck with them but they still keepmessaging me Iceking for Chad cockretarting to get attached to these girlsptfo they oculd never date me as myselfraw the only time an not scared ta talk to girls iswhen I' m testing as ChadThoth's game isn' t fun anymore robots

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ and ‘Need for Speed’ follow-ups headline EA Play 2017

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ and ‘Need for Speed’ follow-ups headline EA Play 2017 Why it matters to you Fans are eager for an early glimpse at the next Star Wars Battlefront, and the timing is right for yet another Need for Speed sequel or reboot after the series took a break in 2016.Electronic Arts announced its featured lineup for the upcoming EA Play 2017 gaming event in Hollywood, revealing that attendees will get a first look at “the next Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed experiences.