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Blizzard Characters Make Awesome 2D Sprites

Blizzard Characters Make Awesome 2D Sprites Very cool pixel-art versions of characters from various Blizzard games, that are also in Heroes of the Storm, by Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver.That’s a 2D Nova, Thrall and Sylvanas above.

Some "relaxing" pixelart part 10

Some "relaxing" pixelart part 10 Lateral trash from the land of Azeban 20 hrs agoThis is how I used to play Mass Effect 23 hrs agoFourth Battle of Berkeley 22 hrs agothe madman actually did it 21 hrs agoTruck driver identified as Vanilla Ice 17 hrs agoAssorted Militarys place holder until main war post 20 hrs agoOff to the Kingdom of Hyrule 22 hrs ago

Pixelart Tutorial for everyone!

Pixelart Tutorial for everyone! korbohned prev nextrandom PrevTopNextComment Found these awesome Pixel Art Tutorial Gifs online!studiominiboss.