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Anon is a lice expert

Anon is a lice expert I' m a bald man, and yes I' mpissed off about it.So what I dois I buy lice online (yes, you canlegally do this, either in egg orlice form), put them in a plasticsealed box and go into a cinema.

Tali statue at c2e2

Tali statue at c2e2 #NotMyPresident VS Riot Police 23 hrs agoCan someone answer this for me?19 hrs agoJesus on a motorbike!

Injustice to a mother

Injustice to a mother About 16 hours ago, a danish woman named Rikke Louise Andersen, a mother uploaded a video of how pissed and angry she is at the goverment because she uploaded the picture of a man who showed his dick to Rikke's daugther and her best friend's daugther.She says in the video that she won't pay that sick ****, no matter how offended he was that his picture was uploaded to facebook.

She's Getting Pissed Off

She's Getting Pissed Off Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #26 17 hrs agoAnon has a good point here 16 hrs agoShe's really playing the part 17 hrs agoGame over man!Game Over!