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Rest in fucking piss

Rest in fucking piss Source from liveleak:Man committed suicide after a fight with his girlfriend.Sergei Kosolapov during a conversation with his beloved - Elena Maslakova, holding a pistol and a grenade, threatened to kill himself.

Anon is scared of the dark

Anon is scared of the dark Anonymous I 681860389 chours ago.Aabout nine or tenAscared of the dark back thenAscared to go down hallway to pissbecause it' s too darkto start pissing down ventbastart pissing clown the vent every nightstarts to notice that the housesmells like pisscountinue pissing down each nightshe sold the house two monthslater because the "ventilation systemwas broken"1 REPLY

thank you mr. blackman von jetski

thank you mr. blackman von jetski When you want to take a bite of a mega burger 6 mns agoThe irony of being a white BLM member 16 mns agoMAKING THEM NICE AND SPICY 19 mns agoWhen that one kid in public doesn't shut up.20 mns agoThe Hypocrisy Of It All.