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Pyre Launch Trailer Available

Pyre Launch Trailer Available Pyre, the third title by Supergiant Games, the creators of Bastion and Transistor, is nearing its July 25th release date.In preparation for this occasion, the developers have released a new trailer, set to one of Darren Korb's music tracks, showcasing vibrant bits and pieces of gameplay.

RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat

RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat Part of the contract, the family said, was that Stubbs would stay with the store.“After a day or two of him giving them the eye and a little growl here and there; they became best friends,”the family wrote.

Anon gets a hot dog

Anon gets a hot dog Just Your Average Japanese School 24 snds agoDungeons and Dragons in VR?8 mns agoTHIS WILL GIVE YOU CANCER 11 mns agoJuncker - let them all in, no matter the cost!