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A Soaring Phoenix1 Topples an LCS Titan

A Soaring Phoenix1 Topples an LCS Titan They had lost their first nine matches, they were a seemingly cobbled-together team thrown onto the LCS stage at the last minute.Turning things around Game one panned out exactly as expected: Team SoloMid crushed Phoenix into ashes.

W picks up painting as a hobby.

W picks up painting as a hobby. They Said it Couldn't be Done!20 hrs agoDark souls shows respect to mighty N 13 hrs agoThe enemy of my enemy is my friend 23 hrs agoIt's bigger on the inside 8 hrs agoVorensubui Wivoruc Eshassivo 18 hrs ago76 is not always a bitter old man 23 hrs ago/fit/izen almost makes it 15 hrs agoNampifu Xerceced Gifarysh 19 hrs ago/pol/ on ancient Greece's anti-woman play 17 hrs agoArgeyshe Mudsedus Ysumpethex 19 hrs ago

Trump gets a dog

Trump gets a dog attemps family picks out a dogimmediate smear campaign begins against the canineMSNBC receives "leaked" report that the dog has barked at a black persinElizabeth Warren demands special investigation to leek intj) dqgs racist histeryCCNN headline reads "Trumps Deg aggressive towards blacks, says report (and whatelse don' t we know?)"Adiane (i( Feinstein))) accuses dog of ties to RussiaLeals) d dossier" claiming that dog came from a Russian breeder with ties to Putinarticle: 23 reasons why trumps new deg is literally the mast problematicanimal to ever be in the White House (like seriiously)spontaneous" mass protests appear in mastor cities against trumps racist dogTucker Carlson interviews Hanbun Scoreboard, leader of a "grassroots" activistgroup called "Resist Racist Dogs"federal judge rules that all dogs suspected of racism must be put down immediatelyIf I were trump I wouldnt try getting a dog either.