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New Calculator II: The Revengening

New Calculator II: The Revengening This is a new Calculator I bought off eBay, it's an Electronika Model B3-25R circa 1980, made in the USSR.The following pictures are of the disassembly, and you can see what condition it's in after 30 years.

/v/irgin goes to walmart

/v/irgin goes to walmart File: images mg (4 KB, 128x160)pic relatedNoobody has ever and I mean EVER said anything about it besides friends who knew it' s from DEeonly compliment we gotten like "that' s a cool sun it would make a great tattood.where" d ) get it" etc etcswearing it in walmart ene daysits crowded, all the registers are packedsail eta sudden make are contact with neckbeard a few registers downffuck.

A trap's dilemma

A trap's dilemma New angle of United Airlines accident 22 hrs agoThis channel in a nutshell 22 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 15.

i`ve got it

i`ve got it Just your usual merge into traffic (GTAV) 19 hrs agoJust because I consume more doesn't mean that I should pay more!15 hrs agoCCC TURKEY ERDOGAN #1 CCC 21 hrs agoWrong Door [ME:Andromeda] 16 hrs agoSomali Pirates thought this would be a GOOD IDEA.