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Daily News April 23-2017

Daily News April 23-2017 The Goldman prize for park ranger Rodrigue Mugaruka Katembo, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, honours "environmental defenders" worldwide.Mr Katembo is one of several winners of this year's award.

Transgender realized he ruined his entire life

Transgender realized he ruined his entire life Sinking into depression postwoLast February I had surgery and I feel like my honeymoon phase isOver and reality of my life and situation has hit me.Now I just feel scared that I won' t get wetenough or won' t feel aroused enough and won' t enjoy sex.

Japanon is ready for the next phase

Japanon is ready for the next phase Vemue Wokno Sodums Biarcecul 1 mn agoHalf-ice Half-fire boi is a real friend 10 mns agoKiryu Kazuma best dad in videogames.12 mns agoInspirational Videos: Stop Overestimating Your 4th Function - Mot 23 mns agoi think these are well made 49 mns agoMilestones that Can be Reached in the 2017 Season | NFL 50 mns agoGrandpa After Your Likes and Shares 59 mns agoVirgin Islands Allows National Guard To Seize Guns, Ammo 1 hr agoA wholesome comp for a friend to wake up to 1 hr agoCan never think of a catchy tile 1 hr agoIce Cube Interviewed by Angela Davis (1992 Rap City) 1 hr agoBarbuda is literally rubble, Hurricane Irma destroyed 90% of home 1 hr agoRambo- Sega Master System Soundtrack 1 hr ago