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GC: Comp of dankness 4

GC: Comp of dankness 4 and nothing of value was lost 18 hrs agoTrvor Noah the Daily Shoah 23 hrs agoExposing Child ISIS Propaganda Hoax 18 hrs agoRIP Illegals, liberals offended 21 hrs agoUNDENIABLE PROOF NOW BEND THE NEW MORTAL 22 hrs agoOPERATION SUBVERT SMERCONISH 20 hrs agoBATTLE FOR THE WALL: Trump vs.a Mexican 23 hrs agoObamacare May be Replaced with Medicare 18 hrs ago

Ivanka at the White House

Ivanka at the White House Taking a call in the White House with my personal assistant Theodore-.stir Litre I Comment Ar Share I‘and others Top Comments _5.