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Redditor has a dead wife

Redditor has a dead wife You can have sex with one real person from allof human history - who is your ultimate lay'?iai# ffii; 17820 commentsF Sleep/ PokesciencebrainpopI' d like to have sex one more time with rrly wifewho passed away from cancer 9 years ago.

Anon's a morning person

Anon's a morning person i Anonymous 02/ 15/ 17( Wed) 18: 47: 09 No.34898847Imagine being able to wake upwith this same joy and desire tobegin another day, not crawlingout of your bed in a stupor ofdepression and stumblingtowards the tasks at hand.

OP and the Chihuahua

OP and the Chihuahua mom divorced dadwot a redneck boyfriendredneck boyfriend gets a chihuahuaare hateful little beingschoose only one person to like and terrorize the rest on behalf of that one personI hayato walk around with atonal and bleach places where this little fuck pee' sllegue you shoes on the floor, it pisses on themHome home and set down your pisses on itmet up from your plate.

Showing Their True Colors

Showing Their True Colors Faith in humanity restored 21 hrs agoFor honour at japanese server 21 hrs agoNow I want a baby hippo.20 hrs agoGuy lost for FIVE years found last week 21 hrs ago4 Years later.

I'm a simple person.. probably stupid..

I'm a simple person.. probably stupid.. Pulitzer-worthy investigation here 22 hrs agoNow THIS is what I call Social Justice 19 hrs ago3D printing can solve every problem 18 hrs agoAnon Gets caught for gore 22 hrs agoA list of videos and Sites to help 23 hrs agoWitches want to hex Trump 15 hrs agoBob Helped Japanese-Americans 23 hrs agoI actually forgot what a machete looks l 23 hrs ago