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Rapist pieces of shit aren't gender spec

Rapist pieces of shit aren't gender spec Click to block a category: mudkipfucker prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment These 3 sacks of **** fed alcohol to a 19 year old until he passed out.Then raped him with multiple items while filming it.

Anon becomes a conservative

Anon becomes a conservative File: ) faprag (?MB, 1182x886)beget my first jobThe first time a man is taxed is a test.

Daily News: Mar-13-2017

Daily News: Mar-13-2017 Orangutans are dressed up and made to box each other to entertain visitors at a Thai zoo leading to animal rights activists demanding it is shut downA zoo in Thailand is profiting from 'orangutan boxing' where apes appear to fight for the amusement of locals and tourists.The supposed good-natured show - which takes place at Safari World in Bangkok - has been criticised by animal rights activists who say it should be shut down.

what to do when someone passes out at gym

what to do when someone passes out at gym A Somebody passed out at the gymtoday (self)1094 points submitted 17 hours ago byi battefieldI was at the gym earlier, doing leg curls, when Inotice this guy 3 feet away looking at me.I' m holding this bigguy all limp, no idea what to do.

Texas says no to wanking

Texas says no to wanking canti masturbation law passedC) hasuta during nextpenis inspectionaif you refuse you go to jail pay aridiculous fine and still will be in6 KB LPG chastityeevery IA/ Ort'"')'") is given a keyevery chastity beltyyou basically have to beg women to release younow.its all you can think aboutVol'"'?