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My webm folder Part 6

My webm folder Part 6 Suptir Fadsovotu Uptousep 1 mn agoToday was gonna be the day 1 mn agowhite Christian men mass shooters 1 mn agoEU Hates Populism and the People's Will 5 mns agoAnd after all You're my wonderwall 6 mns agoGumshoos did nothing wrong 9 mns agoYou're gonna be the one that saves me 11 mns ago

Father and Son Time Part 2

I told younot to move from your place ' I l C.And she forced me to help her save berserkboyfriend from that gangster, JabbaOh about thal.

Robot has a lifehack

Robot has a lifehack 5 Anonymous 02/ 03/' 17( Fri) : 43hey did you know that ifyou stroke this part of yourpillow just right that it feelslike a girl' s hair218 KB PNGDeeply '.View Thread H;5 Anonymous0210311 7( Fri) fim 21730 598I don' t know what a girl' s hair feels like soI' ll take your word for it.

Instructing Senses Part 3

Instructing Senses Part 3 Just stones.Upvote and go away!

D&D Rules Fuckery

2296: How many times must a man look up before he can really see the sky?The sky is approximately 30, 000 feet high (assuming the part we see is somewhere in the upper reaches of thetroposphere) and nearly six miles across.