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Grim Dawn Grim Misadventures #95

Grim Dawn Grim Misadventures #95 Crate Entertainment once again promises to bring us Grim Dawn's modding toolset by the end of the month before telling us a bit about what's to come in the accompanying v1.0.

Tom Clancy's The Division v1.2 Patch Detailed

Tom Clancy's The Division v1.2 Patch Detailed After watching Ubisoft and Massive's recent "State of the Game" Twitch stream for Tom Clancy's The Division, Forbes has "dissected" the video and summarized the primary highlights of what's to come to the shooter/RPG in a set of header-laden paragraphs.A few of those paragraphs and their headers: "Once us 170-190 people graduate to the 200 bracket, we’ll be met with a bunch of players who have been farming maxed gear for weeks, and all the same problems will emerge.