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Verizon workers can be fired for repairing copper lines

Verizon workers can be fired for repairing copper lines — about its copper infrastructure.That’s probably why the CWA showed up with documented proof Verizon told its technicians they could be fired if they attempted to repair copper infrastructure.

Audi done fucked up.

Audi done fucked up. Audi.Audi.

Compilation of the media's "Doublethink"

Compilation of the media's "Doublethink" gfl The Huffington Past.theory.

Sweden: Sex-breaks for work

Sweden: Sex-breaks for work Laid off: Swedish workers could be given paid 'sex breaks' to improve well-beingWorkers in Sweden could soon be allowed to take paid "sex breaks" during the day – in a bid to improve low birth rates and promote healthy relationships.He said couples were not spending enough time with each other in today's society, adding: "It's about having better relationships.

Anon meets another /b/tard in the park

Anon meets another /b/tard in the park Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [Cl Auto]File:Ll Anonymous (( Thu) 05: 12: 57 No.he breaks his rapid panting to laugh a little bitwe' s walking over towards his bike and pants whenWHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU "ewe both look towards our rightdfat black woman is closing the distance really fast.