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/k/ommando has sympathy

/k/ommando has sympathy Anonymous I 32810576 yhr.ago onggo to gun storessee insanely low priced norinco.

His Wife Died, Trump Calls Once A Week

His Wife Died, Trump Calls Once A Week New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was asked to defend his relationship with President Trump, he explained that the Republican was a good friend and offered him a lot of support during a dark time in his life.The long-time Democrat and Obama donor explained that his friendship with Mr Trump predated his run for the White House, the new president demonstrated his loyalty back in 2011 when Mr Kraft's wife, Myra, died of cancer.

Anon punches motel owner.

Anon punches motel owner. E Anonymous ( 7" ) 00: mrdi' 7 No.35068241Well this is it fellow Robots.