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No Truce With the Furies Announced, Isometric RPG Focused on Dialogue and Replayability

Have you ever considered playing an RPG where you're put in the shoes of a total failure in a world steeped in magical realism?I wasn't familiar with indie studio Fortress Occident, which makes sense given they have just announced their debut title, No Truce With the Furies, an isometric RPG that focuses on choices and consequences and aims for a very literary and artistic presentation.

Demon Truck review -

Demon Truck review - There’s not much of a story in Demon Truck other than you glorifying Satan by dispatching any obstacle or vehicle that gets between your fearsome truck and the Next Hell.To make things interesting, your truck has a mind of its own and steers itself.

Janken Cards review -

Janken Cards review - One of the most widely-known games in the world is rock-paper-scissors.In fact, it is believed that the game originated in China in the 17th Century, and is largely unchanged from that early model.