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Cap America got Sexually Assaulted

A woman grabbedhim in his photo op and full on tongue kissed himwithout his permission and without warning.He had apanic attack and Wizard World had to pull Tom andChris Hemsworth to calm him down.

why free speech exists

why free speech exists PC gone mad: Outrage as schoolcalls police after pupil looks atUkip website in classA SCHOOLBOY was hauled out of class and interrogated by detectives after politicallycorrect teachers reported him to the POLICE for visiting the UKIP website.Ely NICK , EXCLUSIVETWEET Ill DBildern School " itTaylorjay left outraged after a school called police after his son Visited the Ukip websiteTeenager Joe Taylor was flagged up tor political extremism by the deputy head after he useda school computer to click on the party' s website.

Buzzfeed: Lesbianism may die out

Buzzfeed: Lesbianism may die out Allen New suntan This metres the sherry.ts as women.

Daily News 7-10-2017

Daily News 7-10-2017 It should come as no surprise that the executives at the top of the banking world are taking notice of cryptocurrencies and the power and success of Blockchain-based financial models.One such executive is Mike McGovern, the new head of Investor Services Fintech Offerings at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, among America’s oldest private banks.

"Oh, he just died."-Dindu NUFFIN

"Oh, he just died."-Dindu NUFFIN >The teens can be heard warning the man that he was "gonna die" and they were not going to help him.At one point, one of the teen boys can be heard laughing, saying "he dead.