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Press Row Podcast - Spring Break(down)

Press Row Podcast - Spring Break(down) In this week’s episode of the Press Row Podcast, host Bryan Wiedey and Rich Grisham have a follow-up discussion on last week’s topic regarding consumer unrest before moving on to address other subjects.Those include whether it’s a good or bad idea to continually tinker with fundamental elements of games such as the constant changes being made to shooting in NBA 2K17, the potential of the upcoming arcade-style game NBA Playgrounds, what the WNBA could mean for NBA Live 18, and a handful of listener questions.

Antifa wants to invade /pol/

Antifa wants to invade /pol/ Antifa is trying to assimilatedin 2 pointsthere is no other option for us,Elf course there is: Take over fool!moot first you need to lurk u to learn their tensions and weak points.

she'll walk it off

she'll walk it off I was out shopping with the wife the otherday when i saw a group of young ladies allwearing mini skirts.I said, "Ooh look at those legs, I bet you wishyou had legs like them?

If I had a dollar

If I had a dollar North Korea and USA be like 4 mns agoI'm at the age where my friends set me up with the last single pe 5 mns agoAt Least He Used the Right Meme.8 mns agoAshi vs an army but its spiderman 2 pizza theme 10 mns agoAnother Get Ruined by the United Arab Emirates and Their Bots 28 mns agoAR Hacking - How to turn One Gun Into Five Guns - Deviant Ollam 52 mns ago

He wishes they were

He wishes they were Putting the new feature to good use 4 mns agoWhen you have to destroy what you created 5 mns agoMr.T don't need no stand 6 mns agoI think we can all relate to Sherlock on this one.

Steep Winterfest Pack Available Now - New Trailer

The Winterfest add-on content brings a new snow sports festival, a winter sled, and a yeti boss to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.Ever wanted to put on a floppy T-Rex costume and chomp your way through herds of inflatable goats, smash through balloons in a wingsuit, or luge down a slalom course while trying to stay balanced on a child-sized metal sled?

Press Row Podcast - April News Roundup

Press Row Podcast - April News Roundup Spring is typically a fairly barren season as far as sports game releases go but it’s seeing a resurgence this year.Several new games and expansions are slated for the weeks ahead.