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is he right or just a crazy neckbeard?

is he right or just a crazy neckbeard? I can understand why large numbers of young men and middle aged men are committingsuicide (self.People who don' t realize this Just haven' t run into the proper knowledge I suppose.

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu So Poland is forced to open borders to immigrants 11 mns agoSo much salt, so little time 15 mns agoMime Screams F*ck Off during BBC News Interview 22 mns agoVR Kanojo: animemanga Plays 25 mns agoStar vs.The forces Of Evil 25 mns agocarts are the only fun in gorl 26 mns agoThe autistic liberals strike again 26 mns ago

Tumblr in a shellnut

Tumblr in a shellnut He's a good green dog Brent 1 mn agoArai San Is Going on a Adventure 6 mns agopeople dying, Camzore wants me to edition 10 mns agoWIIILSOOOOON you're such a sellout!11 mns agoThat advertisement just gave you your answer.

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories You know, if I can't feel happy or content with posting this kind content anymore, then the least I can do is to do it for other people on here.You guys are awesome, even if you can't bring yourself to admit like how I'm struggling to do that right now.


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