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Chile brings the bantz

Chile brings the bantz File:.u'.

Sex is always appropriate, kids

Sex is always appropriate, kids Being parked 'sair' t the middle of the streets.doesn' t mean you can' t suck a dick or rideone, who cares who sees?

If you're feeling bad..

If you're feeling bad.. Kotuckoke Etolsua Avoncem 20 hrs agoGod I Wish That Were Me: Marvel Edition 14 hrs ago/pol/ on interracial dating 14 hrs agoBest of Twitter Comp (Pt 10) 23 hrs agoIt hungers for more trash 5 hrs agoMonster Fact Comp: The Return of the King 19 hrs agoSteve Irwin's Son on the Tonight Show 14 hrs agoUS charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention 21 hrs agoawkward teacher/student moments 12 hrs ago