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100 ways to die comp #8

Nhan the cart hit a speed bump Cameron was Hunginto the air anal clue) upon impact with the groinal.Returning From a trip to ,, Antonio, Texas theSUV he was arriving hit an icy patch anal New themac).

Wikileaks: CIA Espionage On The French

Wikileaks: CIA Espionage On The French Wik"RELEASE: CIA espionage orders for the lastFrench presidential electionwikileaks.#Clearance16 '%Bovary, EDITCIA espionage orders for the last French presidentialelectionAll major French pumice] parties were targeted for inistration try the rune human CH UMING")and eletronic spies in the seven months leading up to France' s 2012 presidentialelection.

a Newbie walking onto /v/

a Newbie walking onto /v/ Guess they thought it was funny 24 mns agoPikmin 2 in First Person!24 mns agoI was assaulted by Antifa in DC 26 mns agoDnD Inspiration: The Trickle 32 mns agoWhen Hogs Fly - Overwatch 35 mns agoThe Flintstones were lucky 35 mns agoHello darkness my old friend 38 mns agoWhen you ask whos a good boy 40 mns agoMe trying to get my life back together 42 mns agoKeep this in mind when you watch a super hero film 44 mns ago