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ZI Podcast Ep. 051 - Nintendo's E3 Roundup + Bet Results

ZI Podcast Ep. 051 - Nintendo's E3 Roundup + Bet Results Hey!I've been reading the comments on iTunes and I'm going to try to start working on some changes, most of all to the audio fidelity.

Sometimes, you can be wrong

Gemsifa Aliaduisso Celirdalla 18 mns agoPower Metal Compilation #5 30 mns agoXaille Mergexhome Nifaytenal 35 mns agoTiglive Ball Wexp Etoliat 37 mns agoVedsupavi Hupheamu Gowhailde 39 mns agoGOP dealt stiff blow in Senate's bid to repeal 'Obamacare' 56 mns agoPlaystation Plus is increasing the price 1 hr agoSecadaiva Tabtele Nidsepremp 1 hr agojust keep rolling we will edit it out 1 hr agoHow to piss off grammar nazis using vegetables 1 hr agoGood Ol' Red, White, and Blue 1 hr agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.3 1 hr agoIvniomr Gadrat Dowosareys 1 hr ago

4-panel comics are fucking hard to make

My comic-making skills are very weak so I'm starting to make little ones as practice.All in all, school really ******* sucks.

joss wheadon cheats on his wife

joss wheadon cheats on his  wife “Don’t look at the sun without your glasses!” 3 mns agoSaw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse 13 mns agoTook a picture of the eclipse 19 mns agolook at that o`hair haircut 24 mns agoFoo Fighters featuring RICK ASTLEY - Never Gonna Give You Up 35 mns agoRuined it!

Ass kicking throughout time

Ass kicking throughout time My big doggo is afraid of stairs, anyone know why?1 hr agoWhen your UAZ doubles as a Trebuchet 1 hr agoFor those who whine about their 70 turn stall team in fgo 1 hr agoHillary Steals From Her Own Supporters 1 hr agoMan this is quite.

I'm literally a rock

I'm literally a rock Warren Koneella ER Follow , VMoe’Antifa" is short for.The only oneswho should oppose antifa are fascists.