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Take your child to work day

Take your child to work day you brought your child to a protest u probably knew it was going to getviolent.I mean if u wanted to use your child for pity points and as a meatshield ucertainty succeeded.

airbenders and age groups

airbenders and age groups Use that website to kill yourself 2 mns ago>Tfw you realise there is 45 books in the Horus Heresy 10 mns agoExactly a year on since I made this 23 mns agoYou're powered up, get in th.oh 31 mns agoit's my turn, to carry you.

Drawing Pen is for drawing

Drawing Pen is for drawing When your boss says they need 1 person to go home on a Friday 10 mns agomean while in Moscow HOMM 27 mns agoDaenarys T can be the Mother of this D 31 mns agoHottest Things In the Universe 34 mns agolike dark souls but with bandicoots 43 mns agoTwo Pure Cinnamon Rolls of KanColle Comp 48 mns agoDINO CRISIS NEEDS A REMAKE 52 mns agoThe Secret Ingredient Is Love 53 mns ago

Anon is a pussy slayer

Anon is a pussy slayer Soompsers-The merging is complete 29 snds agoAnon talks about a certain feel 17 mns agoDeath of the Firstborn Egyptians 18 mns agoRWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 16 - Neptune Noir 22 mns agoYou held a knife to my fathers neck.26 mns agoAfrican Super Problem S (long post) 32 mns agoWas getting caught a part of your plan?

God bless Jackie Chan

God bless Jackie Chan CULTURE WECharlottesville ANTIFAMember Who Put A Veteran In HospitalBy Carlisle an Hazel - August 26, 2017 El 5SHARE ESHARESOnce again, the internet trolls on have exposed anAntifa member.After the internet forum' s viral exposure of the violent bikecoward Eric Clarion, a list of Antifa members began to developon the digital medium through.