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Lib Harasses Trump Supporter on Plane

Lib Harasses Trump Supporter on Plane l , Ill ScottJust had the craziest experience ever on an airplane:I' m boarding my flight from Baltimore to Seattle and approach my seat.I hadan upgraded seat that I paid a little extra tor because of the long 6 hour flight.

Make hentai of him

Make hentai of him Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #10 22 hrs agoVesiscol Neniamp Wodrigelap 21 hrs agoLib Harasses Trump Supporter on Plane 22 hrs agoMy Life In Memes Finally Pt.12 23 hrs agoMonday's Cute Stuff - 23/1/2017 19 hrs agoPolice officer saves woman trapped 22 hrs agoCrippled man bullied by coworkers 17 hrs agoMildly infuriating and oddly satisfying 22 hrs ago/pol/ discovers Barron's secret 01/22/2017Anon doesn't want to explore the oceans.

Monster Fact Comp: King Kong

Not just a monster, but rather a species, it was thought that Kong was the last of his species, until a female was found in Borneo.Of course, being labelled as a Kaiju, Kong couldn't stay away from crossing over with Godzilla at least once.

Mattis winning the ISIS war on day one

Mattis winning the ISIS war on day one was Secretary of Defense Mattis’ first day at the Pentagon and he has already hit the ground running.Mattis, who was critical of the Obama administration’s ISIS strategy, calling it ‘full of half measures,’ set the tone immediately that he wasn’t messing around.

All the goobers of the rainbow

All the goobers of the rainbow All the goobers of the rainbow Click to block a category: jollyjohnny prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Everyone has goobers on the inside.And it's up to us to bottle up those goobers on the inside so they don't spread and multiply.

/pol/ sums up the tolerant left

/pol/ sums up the tolerant left So, lets get this straight:light Trump supporters hair onfireCirc?KB PINK) :Ireport multiple fake hate crimesown black church and spray paintTrump"traffic and riot in their own shitty liberal citiesblanka Trump and children on an airplaneLeight trash cans and Starbucks on fire in DCa Muslim immigrant' s limoCastro, who killed people for speaking outagainst himAll while calling Trump and his supporters Nazis, eventhough the party was socialist.

/pol/ on PewDiePie's transformation

/pol/ on PewDiePie's transformation re SC) distraught with the state ofyour ) study millennial entertainment trends and transform yourselfinto an internet hyperboles in order's gather an audience ofthe greatest number of still mentally malleable children and act likea dumb fyck idiot far 7 years just SC) we can begin normalizing Nazism at the peak ofyour popularityModern Ubermensch