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Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Livestream

Star Wars: The Old Republic Developer Livestream Everybody seems to have a streaming service these days.And on there, the Creative Director and the Community Manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic had a developer livestream.

Anon and his hamster.

Anon and his hamster. 5 Anonymous 02/ 1 6/ 1 '7( Tht) 23: 62ttr Be 9 year old meGet a paratrooper Action h/ lan withparachute4 > Tie parachute to family hamster109 KB JPG ts Drop it from the tth floorWatch the hamster crash on thegroundOld lady nearby starts to scream in horrorToo much of a pussy to get downstairs to retrieve thecorpseIN/ lam gets home, finds the dead hamster and molds meRemember my dad laughing his ass off when she toldhim what I did in the evening

Man Protects 15 year old girl from Sexua

Full Sauce: Background story: This girl was 15 years old, and the man with the bloody nose first started talking to the girl in a sexual manner.The man started to become more aggressive by caressing her hand.

Swedes, is this true?

Swedes, is this true? Hi, my name is Armin's Dilemmas.I' m a oldstudent in Sweden.