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/pol/ expresses its condolences

/pol/ expresses its condolences Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 21 hrs agoBreath of the Wild: Long Distance Shield Parry 15 hrs agoHWNDU Season 5: IT BEGINS 23 hrs agoWe need to be more like horses 23 hrs agoThey didn't even change the font 11 hrs agoWow.can't even tell when it turns into a game!

people dying part 13 unlucky edition

Man crushed to death by a reversing truck in China Man survives bike crash only to be run over by a truck A family drowns after getting pushed over a waterfall 2 cars are set ablaze after a speeder crashes into a van pedestrians are taken out on the side of the road by a car that lost control Reckless driver doesn't stop to let people get on a tram, killing a 14 year old Plane crash at an air show in Reno kills 11 in a crowd

Japan bringing the bantz

Japan bringing the bantz You seduce a chick there and give them a nice solid American dicking, and their little "midnight rendezvous" affects them the next morning.I mean who the **** would want to go there when Maine is right there if you want depressing Wuthering heights style scenery.